About Emooooji

There are thousands and thousands of Emojis. You can view them all here, search them by name or meaning, or even find them by the categories in the header bar at the top of this page. Click on an emoji to copy it to your clipboard. Then you can paste it. Emojis you select are also added to the bottom toolbar to allow you to accumulate multiple emojis and copy them all to the clipboard together. Our page is supported by every browser, like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Windows Explorer, Edge and more. We also support all devices including Apple Mac, or Windows PC desktops, and all mobile devices like Android, Samsung and iPhone.

Looking for emojis on a Windows desktop? That is exactly what Emooooji was designed for. Not all devices have a built-in emoji keyboard, so you can use our website to access those emojis that are natively available in iOS and Android keyboards. It's easy to find and copy the emojis you need, so you can paste them on a site or app of your choice.

Emooooji features:

  • see the most popular emojis
  • copy and paste emojis on mobile & desktop
  • automatically copy emojis to clipboard with 1-click
  • copy multiple emojis and keep track of them on the bottom toolbar
  • no registraion required, no sign up required, no downloads required, no apps required
  • copy popular emoji combinations in one click

Emojis to Copy and Paste

The easiest way to copy and paste emojis, available on mobile and desktop, and working with any browser. No downloads, sign-ups or apps are required. Emooooji works on Android, iPhone and any other smartphones.

All of these Emojis are supported on any smartphone and desktop device, including Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS, Android, and macOS, including applications and webapps such as Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Snapchat, Slack, GitHub, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others.

After clicking an emoji, it is added to the bottom bar automatically, and to your clipboard. You can click the copy button on the far right of the bottom bar to copy all the emojis in the bottom barso you can paste them into any other app, or message you are trying to send.

Using Emooooji

Use Emooooji to add emotion, and color to your text and messages with Emojis. Show your friends, family or even co-workers how happy, sad, mad, excited, irritated you are. Our website allows you to copy and paste, or cut and paste all of the thousands of emojis that exist. You can find them, search them, or view them by category. Its an interactive, emoji keyboard, that works on any device, desktop, mobile and any operating system iOS, Mac, Android and Windows. After copying, you can paste them on any website, or app.

Since not every device or website has an emoji keyboard available, you can use Emooooji to find the emojis you need and use them! Even if the website or app doesn't have it.

The History of Emojis

Emojis are the more accurate representation of what people tried to achieve with emoticons, the typographic estimation of images using only a basic keyboard. Emojis convey those images more accurately, or exactly and include color and other additional dimensions, like shadows, and more. The Japanese coined the term emoji and the English term remains unchanged.

Emojis we're first invented in Japan in the late 1990's. They first appeared on cell phones back then, but only became mainstream about 10 years later with the introduction of the iPhone. They've since been added to nearly every type of smartphone, like Android, and other operating systems like Windows, iOS and Mac.

According to Wikipedia, An emoji is a pictogram, logogram, ideogram or smiley embedded in text and used in electronic messages and web pages. Dictionary.com defines Emoji as: "a small digital picture or pictorial symbol that represents a thing, feeling, concept, etc., used in text messages and other electronic communications and usually part of a standardized set."

Not sure if emojis are available on your device? By browsing our website you should be able to see the color and imagery of the emojis on this page, if your device, operating system and/or browser supports it.